People will usually only build or renovate a home once or twice in a lifetime. This will involve a significant investment of money and time and, consequently, a lot of pressure to obtain the best possible result.

Our team with over 20 years experience in helping clients with their building and renovation projects has found that most people find the process very challenging.

When it comes to interior colour schemes, finishes and fixtures we are always being asked:

  • Where do we start?
  • How do we choose from all the options?
  • How do we make sure everything co-ordinates?
  • We have a limited budget how do we get the best value?
  • Do we really have to spend so many days in showrooms?

There are a myriad of decisions to make on colours, sizes, shapes and textures for walls, doors, floors, benchtops, cabinets, tiles, splashbacks, tapware etc. Often finalising these decisions is left until too late with an outcome that is less than ideal.

Most people can’t afford the luxury of using an Interior Designer to advise and guide them but now, we’ve developed an easy, practical online solution and it’s a free service!

Interiors Made Easy (InteriorsME) leads you through all your major interior design decisions step by step and can be used for any home size or floorplan – it doesn’t matter how big or small your renovation. Interiors ME will help you achieve a result where all the individual components work well together with all products available Australia wide from our Supplier Partners Carpet Call, Beaumont Tiles, Laminex, Kethy and Zanda.

Interiors ME includes:

  • simple, step by step process starting with four great colour scheme options
  • designer co-ordinated product sets (carpet, tiles, paint colours, benchtops, door handles & more)
  • helpful tips and advice
  • all your selections captured with product details by room in a report ready for you & your builder
  • put together as many combinations as you like
  • exclusive Special Offers from our Partner Suppliers, and
  • free styling guides to help you decorate and personalise your home.

InteriorsME offers all the benefits of using an experienced Interior Designer without the expense.

Interiors Made Easy is your free, online, interior designer “insider”.


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