Partner Supplier: Carpet Call

Carpet Call, our Partner Supplier for floorboards & carpet, is the largest 100% Australian owned flooring retailer.
February 16, 2018

A mix of flooring materials provides contrast and creates different zones within your home.

In an open plan environment with say a kitchen, meals, hallway, living or family room, the use of floorboards throughout provides a consistent, harmonious flow. You can continue with floorboards into your formal dining and living areas or alternatively use carpet. If possible, I would recommend using the same carpet or floorboard throughout your home.

Call, Call Carpet Call!

Carpet Call, our Partner Supplier for floorboards and carpet, is the largest 100% Australian owned flooring retailer in the country. With so many carpet and floorboard options to choose from, we’ve put together coordinated product sets drawn from Carpet Call’s huge range to cater for any budget.

Who better for Interiors Made Easy to partner with to bring your renovation dreams to life!

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In around 30 minutes, Interiors ME will guide you through the selection of a coordinated set of colours, finishes & fixtures. We take you through your selection decisions step by step, just the way an interior designer would do it!

Interiors Made Easy, helps ensure that all your flooring choices complement each other and work well together.

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