Week 3: Interior Selections

When it came to choosing colours, finishes and fixtures, the couple were unsure where to start.
November 11, 2020

RECAP: Danielle and her partner now have a design to update and modernise their 1960s home in Melbourne’s outer south. Now it was time for the interior design.


When it came to choosing colours, finishes and fixtures the couple were unsure where to start. After visiting a few showrooms, they were overwhelmed by the many material and colour options available in carpet, floorboards, tiles, benchtops, cupboard finishes, tapware etc. They wanted a coordinated result that all worked together but how to go about achieving it?

Interiors Made Easy was recommended to the budget conscious, time poor couple. This free online interior design service guides you through your interior selections just the way an Interior Designer would. All your choices are captured to build a visual storyboard as you go.

In under 45 minutes on a laptop sitting in their living room, the couple selected a fully coordinated set of interior colours, fittings and fixtures for their home.


With Interiors Made Easy’s step by step approach, Danielle found she made decisions quickly and with confidence. After viewing the image gallery, the couple settled on the ‘Contemporary’ style as the look they were after. Next, they plugged in their rooms from the picklist.

Now it was time to select from the Contemporary style product sets, one simple decision at a time. As they went along, they could see that selections in earlier steps determined options presented in later steps – choose a carpet and matching floorboards were presented, choose a floor tile and matching wall tiles were displayed. The storyboard displaying all their selections grew as they went along, giving them confidence that everything worked together beautifully.

‘Website (Interiors Made Easy) was really user friendly and it helps you each step of the way.’
‘We were given plenty of options that really tied in well with each other…’
Danielle, Interiors Made Easy Customer


Once finished, Danielle clicked the button to receive the free emailed selections report with full product details by room.

There were some other product options that they liked but hadn’t chosen.  No problem!  With Interiors Made Easy you can create as many alternative selection sets as you like. Danielle whipped through and chose a second combination in about half the time. Now they could compare the two alternatives and make sure they were entirely happy before locking in a final decision.

Armed with the selections report on her mobile, it was off to Carpet Call, Beaumonts and Laminex to view and finalise their choices. 

Coming up next week: Danielle engages a builder and work gets underway