Industrial Interior Design Styles

The Industrial style is raw and masculine with a mix of rough and smooth surfaces. Contrast exposed brick, concrete...
October 31, 2017

What is industrial interior design?

The Industrial interior design style is raw and masculine with a mix of rough and smooth surfaces.

Interiors Made Easy will help you contrast exposed brick, concrete and distressed timber with metal finishes and matte black surfaces to juxtapose the unfinished with the refined.

Select your Industrial finishes

Having chosen the Industrial style, Interiors Made Easy will now help you build a coordinated look and personalise your home. We take you through step by step, just the way an Interior Designer would do it!

Select your flooring combination – carpet, floorboard and/ or floor tile/s – then move on to walls.

Just as a primer enables a perfect skin finish, floor and wall selections do the same for a home. Dark, textured floors with strong colours on the walls are the base for a striking, urban look.

Follow on with your bathroomware, kitchen benchtop & cabinets and more.

The product options presented at each step are in the Industrial style and fully coordinated with earlier selections.

Next steps

When finished, see, touch and feel your chosen combination of colours and materials with an Interiors Made Easy Sample Pack. This will provide you with confidence and comfort in your selections, all without leaving your home!

Your product selections are listed in a report with full details by room, ready for you and your builder.

As an added bonus, there is a free style guide with suggested furniture and accessories to complement your chosen style and complete your home.

There’s no need to feel limited to just one style combination. Another great feature of Interiors Made Easy is that you can complete as many interior combinations as you like.

Feeling inspired to create your very own Industrial look?

Your dream space is just a few clicks away with our FREE online interior design service!