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Natural light is an important focus in home design with the use of well placed windows, glass doors and skylights.
June 25, 2018

Natural light is an important focus in home design with the use of well placed windows, glass doors and skylights. Often neglected but equally important is artificial lighting because, once the sun goes down, that’s all we’ve got! Good lighting design and placement can make a huge difference to the look and function of your home.

Modern homes incorporate a mix of downlights, pendant and flush mount lights.


Downlights provide a bright, contemporary look while being discrete and energy efficient.  In an open plan living environment, the placement of your downlights will help define zones such as dining, kitchen and family areas. Downlights are great for task areas such as a kitchen work bench or a desk and can also be effective in bathrooms and bedrooms.

The size of the room will determine the required number of downlights. For instance, a small bathroom may only require two downlights while in a medium sized room may need four. When downlights are being installed, aim to have them in straight lines and evenly spaced. Also, make sure that you have sufficient height clearance in your ceiling cavity for your preferred downlight.

Pendant Lights

Pendant light fittings can look great as a feature or to create an intimate space. Use a pendant light over a dining room table or kitchen bench, in bedrooms, staircases and hallways. If you require additional light, you can use downlights in combination with a pendant light.

When choosing pendant lights, ensure that it complements the style of your home that you are looking to create. Mix and match a number of pendant light fittings to create different moods in individual rooms or, keep it simple and understated by using one or two light fittings throughout your home.

Remember to ensure you have sufficient height clearance underneath the pendant light for foot traffic or else place it over a piece of furniture such as a dining table or bed.

Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount ceiling lights cater for those situations where you don’t require or can’t have a pendant light or downlights. They provide a practical and cost effective alternative to a bare light globe for rooms such as a kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

The last word…

Make sure you put some thought into where light switches are placed – you don’t want to have to walk through a dark room to reach a light switch etc.

Remember that dimmers are a practical way to vary the amount of light in bedrooms and add mood in living areas.

Images: Beacon Lighting

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