Renovating? Don’t make this rookie mistake!

When planning a renovation, people usually put a lot of time and energy ...
February 5, 2019

When planning a renovation, people usually put a lot of time and energy into their wishlist and the floorplan. Choosing interior finishes and fixtures, so important to the look and feel of a finished home, can be a bit of an afterthought. This is a mistake often made by first time renovators that leads to unnecessary stress and compromises.

We strongly recommend that, before going to builders for quotes, interior finishes and fixtures are selected and fully specified.

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Select Early

Builders can’t provide an accurate, fully costed quote for a project without decisions on floorboard, tiles, benchtop, tapware etc. All a builder can do is include estimated prices (Prime Cost items). There’s a nasty shock coming if you eventually choose a tile at $100 per square metre and only $40 per square metre was in the quote!

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Realistic Budget

An accurate project estimate helps set a realistic budget and make decisions upfront rather than under pressure mid-project. For example, rather than compromise on the floorboard, you might choose a less expensive tile in a bathroom or laundry. Alternatively, you might even free-up some budget for some more expensive finishes or new furniture!


InteriorsME can help

There are almost always uncertainties and surprises on any renovation project. This is where Interiors Made Easy can help you minimise the risk of a stressful surprise. In less than 30 minutes you can select all your internal colours, finishes and fixtures, with all product details specified in your project report ready for quoting by your builder(s).

So what are you waiting for? Your dream space is just a few clicks away when you start your first project at using our FREE online interior design service!