Week 5: Flooring Reveal

The new entranceway and open plan living area are place and now it's time to install the new flooring all as selected by Danielle on Interiors Made Easy.
November 11, 2020

RECAP: The structural work has been completed with the new entranceway and open plan living area in place. Now it’s time to install the new flooring all as selected  by Danielle and partner on Interiors Made Easy.


Previously, all the rooms are self-contained with doors accessed from hallways with no flow or sense of space. Despite plenty of natural light from west facing windows, the slate floor tiles made the living room dark and cold.


Just like a builder, an interior designer works from the ground up. Using Interiors Made Easy, had Danielle chosen a carpet and a complementing floorboard both from Carpet Call. A matching tile from Beaumonts for the bathroom floors completed the flooring selections.

The new entranceway and open plan area have a warm European oak floorboard. The playroom and bedrooms are carpeted with a mid grey plush pile that is very luxurious and soft to touch. Using the same dark grey floor tile in both bathrooms as Danielle did, is always a good way to go!

Thanks to Interior Made Easy, all these selections coordinate and work together beautifully. With the Interiors Made Easy selections report, Marc the builder was able to organise the flooring selections to be on site ready to install as needed.

‘Carpet Call are a great supplier and always easy to work with. We had a bit of a problem with the floor levels which they were straight onto and helped us sort out in no time.’ Marc, Builder

Coming up next week: Our Kitchen and Laundry Reveal