Week 8: The story so far…

Danielle and her partner purchased a 1960's house Melbourne's outer south that was in need of extensive updating and renovation.
November 11, 2020

RECAP: Danielle and her partner purchased a 1960s house in Melbourne’s outer south that was in need of extensive updating and renovation. They have re-designed and modernised the home on a tight budget with the help of Interiors Made Easy.


The rundown three bedroom home was built in a different era, long before open plan was a thing! All the rooms were self-contained with doors accessed from hallways. There was no flow or sense of space. While there was plenty of natural light, the dark colours and finishes left the house feeling cold and drab. The small kitchen, bathrooms and laundry had never been updated.


The clever new floorplan design improved the function and feel of the home without requiring major structural changes. A new entranceway was established by enclosing the outdoor space between the house and garage. The entranceway leads into an open plan living area created by removing some doors and a non-load bearing wall. The open plan includes a lounge area, dining space and the remodelled kitchen. A small utilities room became a warm, sunny playroom open to the living area.

Next the couple selected all their interior colours, finishes and fixtures online using Interiors Made Easy. With Interiors Made Easy’s step by step approach, Danielle found she made decisions quickly and with confidence. 

 ‘What was going to be days and days of trawling through shops trying to look for things that matched and went with each other, was reduced to about 45 minutes at home in the evening looking online (On Interiors Made Easy) and just getting everything sorted.’ Danielle, Interiors Made Easy Customer


Armed with the architectural drawings, a building permit and the Interiors Made Easy selection report, they had all they needed to engage a builder and get started.

Demo Reno build

The major building work all went smoothly. The new entranceway was enclosed and the new open plan living area created with the removal of doors and walls as specified. The existing kitchen, laundry and bathrooms were gutted. The installation of electrical wiring, plumbing, new sub floors and plaster walls was followed by the waterproofing of the bathrooms.

All was in readiness for the finishes and fixtures as selected on Interiors Made Easy. The new flooring was followed by the installation of the new kitchen, bathrooms and laundry – wall tiles, benchtops, cabinets, bathroomware, tapware, paint colours and more. 

Coming up next week: The final, full home reveal.