Finally, stylish and affordable interior design for everyone.
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Choose a coordinated set of colours, finishes and fixtures for your home, all in less than 30 minutes.

No need for interior design experience or to spend days visiting showrooms.

Super easy to use and it’s free… absolutely no obligation!

Simple, step by step, InteriorsME takes you through just like having your own interior designer. 

Time to face facts!

Renovating or building involves making many decisions from a vast range of options and most people need help and advice.

Struggle with pulling together a coordinated set of colours, finishes and fixtures (carpet, floorboards, tiles, wall paint, benchtops, cabinets, etc.)?

Not confident that you will make the right decisions and achieve the look your are after?

Don’t want to spend endless weekends trawling through websites and visiting showrooms trying to choose from an enormous range of options?

Home renovations or builds are a huge investment – make the most of your budget and get it right the first time.

Research shows:

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Achieving a coordinated interior look was a concern for 71% of renovators

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Not knowing where to start and/ or being overwhelmed by the number of options was an issue for 55% of renovators

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Budget was exceeded by 42% of renovators

And only 6% of people used an interior designer 

Sources: Interiors ME Online Survey and Houzz & Home Australia Surveys (2016 & 2017)

Help and advice is now at hand!

Your own, personal Interior Designer is online 24/7 at your convenience ready to help with your interior selections.

The future of interior design is here now!

“Interiors ME can help you put together an affordable interior design

in less than 30 minutes … simple, step by step.”


So how does InteriorsME work?
Here’s a quick overview…


First choose your style from these four great options:

Then select from designer coordinated product sets as put together by our Interior Design team.

Making one selection at a time, we step you through you’re flooring, walls, cabinets, tapware and more.

Everything coordinates and you’re never overwhelmed by too many options:

• choose a carpet and only matching floorboards and floor tiles are displayed

• choose a floor tile and only matching wall tiles are displayed

• choose a benchtop and only matching cabinet colours are displayed & so on…

All your selections are captured as you go and available in a report ready for you and your builder.

In order to compare and contrast options you can put together as many different combinations as you like.

InteriorsME also helps you make the most of your renovation budget.

All the product options come with a price indicator.

Tips and advice help you avoid costly mistakes or rework.

Take advantage of exclusive special offers from our partner suppliers.

Plus, once you have finished your renovation, our Styling Guides help you complete your home with beautiful homewares in your chosen style.

When renovating or building, people tend to focus on the floorplan and function of the home… interior finishes and fixtures are often an afterthought.

Maximise your investment in your renovation or new build.

InteriorsME can help you get your interiors sorted quickly and achieve a great look.

Easy to use and intuitive, InteriorsME will have you confidently making selections within minutes.


All the advice and guidance you need to help you achieve a great look for your home at a price you can afford.


More To Come! Our team is continuously updating InteriorsME for the latest trends and products.