4 big mistakes people make when renovating

Have a great renovation result by avoiding these common mistakes...
February 5, 2018

Images: Architectural Window Systems (AWS)

Have a great renovation result by avoiding these common mistakes:

1. Complete your design and specifications

Try to ensure you have everything specified for your renovation before asking your builder(s) for a quote. Everyone has heard stories of renovation disasters and cost blow-outs.

The only way you will get what you want at a price you can afford, is if your design and specifications are complete and accurate.

There will almost certainly be some changes but, by doing your homework you can minimise variations and your stress level!

2. Don’t forget the detailed design features

People generally focus on the floorplan design and forget key details that are so important to making the space livable and functional. Some examples are:

  • windows come in many varieties so make sure you visit a showroom and specify the correct style and model
  • while light from windows is very important, make sure you include some walls for furniture and pictures
  • you can never have enough storage – check out the many great cabinet features available such as fully extendable drawer runners that allow you to use the full depth, pull out pantries & bins etc.

Left: Hafele Laundry Baskets, Centre: Hafele Magic Corner, Right: Hafele Pull Out Pantry

3. Choose a builder that suits you

Ask family and friends for recommendations of builders they have used – you can’t beat personal experience!

Make sure you feel comfortable with your builder – are they organized turning up on time for appointments and in providing a clear and complete quote, do they show they understand your requirements, are happy to discuss alternative options and provide advice etc.

Trust your instinct – the lowest quote may not end up meeting your budget or give you the best outcome!

4. Don’t forget your finishes and fixtures

The selection of finishes and fixtures is frequently left until too late – often prompted by a request by a builder on a tile, wall colour etc.

This is where Interiors Made Easy comes in!

In 30 minutes you can select all your finishes and fixtures, with the option of having a sample pack delivered to your door.

So what are you waiting for?

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