Frequently Asked Questions

InteriorsME is a free online interior design service. In less than 30 minutes you can select a coordinated set of colours, finishes and fixtures for your home.

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Your InteriorsME account enables you to save and access your project selections at any time. On completing a project, your personalised product selection report will be sent to your account email address.

Your account will also give you access to exclusive special offers from our National Supplier Partners.

You start by using our image gallery to choose one of the four styles. The style determines the look and colour palette for the product options that you will choose from in later steps.

Then you are guided through the selection of finishes and fixtures from colour coordinated product sets in your chosen style. Step by step, you start with your flooring then your walls, cabinet finishes, tapware, door handles and more. Just the way an Interior Designer would, we help you build a complete, coordinated result.

Selection decisions you make along the way determine the product options displayed in later steps. For example:

  • choose a carpet and only floorboards or tiles that go with that carpet will be displayed
  • choose a floor tile and only wall tiles that go with that floor tile will be displayed
  • choose a benchtop colour and only cabinet colours that go with that benchtop will be displayed
  • choose your tapware and only complementary door handles are displayed etc.

You’re never choosing from too many options and all the product combinations have been coordinated by our design team.

Helpful tips and advice are provided at every step.

InteriorsME caters for any size home or renovation, you choose the rooms from our pick list.

If you are only undertaking a partial renovation, in order to ensure coordination of colours and materials throughout your home, the best approach is to select for a full renovation and include all rooms. Where you are not making changes, choose a similar colour to the one you already have in place and InteriorsME will provide matched options. For example, if you aren’t changing your carpet at the moment, choose a similar carpet colour to the one you have in place and matched floorboard and floor tile options will be displayed. 

All product options come with an image, description and full details such as product code, material, finish and available sizes.

The product details include a $, $$ or $$$ price indicator directly under the product name. To view the price ranges for all product categories, click the Price Range tab in the drop-down menu under your name.

You can stop at any time and all your selections will have been captured. When you’re ready, log back in and complete the project or start a new project. You will find it even quicker to complete a second project!

On completion you can:

  • collect your free project report with all selections itemised by room
  • view your product selections at our Supplier Partner showrooms
  • take advantage of exclusive Special Offers available Australia wide from our national Supplier Partners, and
  • grab a complementary styling guide.

You can’t change selections once a project is complete, however, you can start another project. Choosing a different style and combination of products is a great way to compare different options and ensure you get the look you’re after. You’ll find it even quicker to complete a project the second time around!

We would always recommend seeing and confirming your selections and colour combinations at our Supplier Partner showrooms.

This varies by Supplier but, for example, the Beaumont tile ranges and styles change constantly. While InteriorsME is updated regularly for these changes, to avoid disappointment, make sure you Redeem your Partner Supplier Special Offers as soon as possible after completing your project.

The best way to ensure you are selecting currently available products is to complete a new InteriorsME project.

You can prepare as many InteriorsME projects as you like. This is a great way to compare alternative styles and products and confirm your preferred combination.

Email us at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.