5 steps to style your home

Minimalism wasn’t designed with the sentimental in mind. If you’re like us, then your shelves are filled to the brim with ...
December 22, 2018

Minimalism wasn’t designed with the sentimental in mind. If you’re like us, then your shelves are filled to the brim with items and mementos you’ve collected over the years. What was once a bedside table is now piled with things, none of which are getting the focus they deserve. Follow the five tips below to transform your existing homewares into a chic curated display; because after all, it’s the little details that make a house into a home.

1. Survey what you have

First things first, in order to create a beautiful display, you’ve got to know what you’re dealing with. A good way to start is by removing everything currently cluttering your shelves or tabletops, so you’re left with an empty space full of possibilities. You might even find some hidden gems that deserve centre stage in your new display!

Image: Jardan

2. Good things come in three

When styling, keep in mind that odd numbers can be far more aesthetically pleasing than even ones. Arrange your items in groups of three, ideally at different heights and widths to create interest. You can always play with symmetry within this as well, by adding in a pair of matching candlesticks or lamps on a side table.

Image: Country Road

3. Decide on a space

Whether it’s the top of a bathroom vanity or a well-loved coffee table, any unused surface can be transformed into an interesting and chic feature.

Image: Laminex

4. Merge the old with the new

Sometimes adding fresh pieces to your home is enough to get your creative juices flowing. If a particular space has you stuck try adding a new artwork or cushion into the mix. This is also a great way to weave current trends into your own personal style.

Image: Coco Republic

5. Judge a book by its cover

Coffee table books are a great way to add your personality into your home. For instance, you could purposefully stack your favourite reads in order of size or colour, maybe even leaving one open for guests to flick through. Place a candle and/or a small vase next to them to complete the arrangement.

Image: Coco Republic

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