Bedroom Interior Design Tips

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a personal getaway with your favourite colours and pieces.
October 22, 2019

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a personal getaway with your favourite colours and pieces.

Bedroom Finishes & Fixtures

Three things to consider when designing your bedroom interiors include:

Colours – For a calming bedroom choose soothing shades for floors and walls. You could use toned-down versions of your favourite colours and bring in extra colour with your soft furnishings which can easily be changed over time.

Flooring – When getting in and out of bed, it’s always nice to have the softness of carpet or a rug underfoot. In warmer climates you may choose to go just with tiles or floorboards.

Storage – Storing things out of sight adds to the feeling of serenity and roominess in a bedroom. If you have the space, include some double hanging and drawers in your wardrobe.

Bedroom Interior Styling

Three things to consider for a cosy, simple and uncluttered bedroom are:

Furniture – A bedhead and side tables will make the room look finished. If you have the room, include a chest of drawers which you can also use to display personal items such as jewellery box and framed photos.

Window furnishings – Sheer curtains create a luxurious look and feel while also filtering light. Combine these with a black out roller blind to add more privacy.

Fabrics – To add your personal touch using blankets, rugs, linen and cushions to bring in additional colour and texture.

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Hero – Heatherly Design
Left – Seshell  Right – Zephyr and Stone