Week 1: Real help & guidance

Watch Dani and family transform their new house into a home with help from Interiors Made Easy.
November 11, 2020

Danielle and her young family recently purchased a rundown three bedroom home in Melbourne’s outer south. The structure was sound but the house was badly in need of a makeover!

Watch it happen over coming weeks. It’s a real renovation without artificial deadlines, drama, tears or tantrums – just plenty of good ideas, help and guidance.


The Graham Gunn designed brick house was built in the late 1960s when the suburb was mainly paddocks. Over the next 50 years there were many occupants, at one stage this even included a horse, but more on that later!

Built in a different era, long before open plan was a thing, all the rooms are self-contained with doors accessed from hallways. There is no flow or sense of space. Despite plenty of natural light from west facing windows, the slate floor tiles make the living room dark and cold. The small kitchen has limited bench space and storage with finishes in dark tiles and timber.

Combine this with two separate bathrooms and a laundry all in their original finishes, and there was plenty of work to do! 


On a limited budget, Danielle and her partner are looking to create a comfortable home for their young family. The objective was a bright, fresh renovation revolving around a central open plan living space.

Over the coming weeks, see how Danielle and her partner make it happen with help from Interiors Made Easy. 

Coming up next week: The new floorplan