Plan your interior style

When planning a renovation, rather than the look or interior style, the primary focus is usually on the floorplan design. Selection of finishes and fixtures is often an afterthought, considered when work has commenced and a builder is demanding decisions!

Home interior finishes and fixtures provide the character, look and feel that determine whether your home is inviting and appealing to the eye. Leaving too little time and effort to their selection runs the risk that, apart from a grumpy builder, most importantly you end up with an outcome that you aren’t happy with.


What’s your style?

Selecting your home interior styling starts with understanding the look or style you want to achieve.

Whenever people are looking for help with a renovation, I ask them to start by collecting images of interior spaces and rooms they like from magazines, online etc.

In order to help you decide the look that you are after, Interiors Made Easy starts with a series of images for each of our four great style options:


Select your finishes

Having chosen your preferred style, Interiors Made Easy will help you build a coordinated look and personalize your home step by step, just the way an Interior Designer would do it! Select your flooring combination – carpet, floorboard and/ or floor tile/s – then move on to Walls, Bathroomware, Kitchen cabinets and more. All the product options at every step are in your chosen style and fully coordinated with earlier selections.

There’s no need to feel limited to just one style combination. Another great feature of Interiors Made Easy is that you can complete as many interior combinations as you like.

Feeling inspired to create your very own look?

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