1. Lucretiashop, Mega Bulb Pendant Light Replica, $119.00

2. LSA International, Pleat Vase, $149.94

3. Nau, Fat Tulip Armchair, $5,395.00

4. Trit, Muffin Stool, $730.00

5. Tide, Luna Side Table, from $1,070.00

6. Mulberi, Heirloom Peony Plume Throw, $399.00

1. Milk & Sugar, Pacey Table Lamp Charcoal, $189.95
2. Thames & Hudson, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior Catwalk, $100.00ea
3. Mr Pinchy & Co, Orbit Tray Brass / Smokey Marble, $199.00
4. Menu, Troll Vase Smoke, medium $139.95, large $159.95

Main Image: Molmic

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