Dulux Paint

Worth Doing, Worth Dulux.

Dulux is the largest manufacturer of paint products in Australia. The experts in all things paint and painting, Dulux is Australia’s most trusted paint brand.

Dulux has been involved with the manufacture and marketing of paint in Australia and New Zealand since 1904. In the early days, decorators and their suppliers were the main customers for Dulux, with “Say Dulux to your decorator” used as an advertising slogan in the 1950s. By 1953, Dulux was available in the retail market. Ten years later the famous Old English Sheepdog was first used in ads with the “Dulux dog” becoming a common nickname for the breed.


Colour Experts

Dulux has over 1,200 unique paint colours in their standard range. Each year Dulux explores emerging global design trends to inspire and evolve their colour palette.

Dulux can show you how to use colour in your home to achieve the look you’re after. Plus, if you want something unique, Dulux’s team of colour experts can help you create the most stunning tones, hues, and shades.


Quality Products

Dulux has a paint for every project.

Dulux Wash&Wear

The formula ensures your interior walls stay looking freshly painted for longer. After rigorous testing, Dulux have optimised stain resistance, hiding power and toughness, to create a product that you can rely on every day.

Dulux Enamels

It comes in water and oil based varieties and are designed to provide the hard wearing finish required for doors, window frames, skirting boards and architraves. Take pride in your painting job with the finishing touches, available in Low Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.

Dulux Weathershield

Is designed to protect exterior walls against Australia’s harshest climates from extreme heat to heavy rain. It also protects against UV damage and helps resist mould and stains.

Other Dulux Products

They include Dulux Weathershield Render Refresh, Dulux Aquanamel Semi Gloss & Gloss, Dulux RapidFinish, Dulux Metalshield, Dulux Textures, Dulux Renovation Grout Pen and Dulux Ceiling White.


Trusted Brand

The name Dulux is derived from the words Durable and Luxury. Dulux has been making high quality paint for Australian conditions for over 100 years and continue to invest in developing and improving their products. The Dulux range now includes more eco-conscious and sustainable products. The newest formula, Dulux envirO2, offers premium quality and environmentally responsible options.


Any Application

Everybody knows Dulux interior and exterior paints. Dulux also has an extensive range of products for special effects and applications. Whether you’re after a rust effect, chalky finish, stainless steel look or even a magnetic chalkboard, Dulux has you covered. Dulux can also help you with a wide variety of exterior surfaces such as brick, cement render, masonry surfaces and fibre cement including blue board.


Help & Advice

Dulux has a wealth of information and advice on all things painting!

From How to prepare your surfaces, How to use a roller, How to paint ceilings and How to identify a mould problem, all the way to How to paint using Dulux Design Concrete Effect and Dulux Design Glitter Effect.